‘Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick


Historical RomanceMystery'Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda QuickDating services are not a modern institution. There have been matchmakers for time immemorial. Calista Langley has an introduction service to introduce like minded people. She has to be very careful to make sure London society doesn’t look upon her services as that of a bordello rather than a service for prospective couples. One of her clients is Eudora Hastings. Her brother, Trent, writes popular detective novels.

Calista is being bothered by Nestor, a man she saw a few times. He has since married but wants Calista to have an affair with him. While Nestor is visiting Calista (much to her chagrin), Trent enters her home and business. Trent doesn’t want his sister using Calista’s service because he doesn’t think it’s respectable. Once she is able to convince him of the legitimacy of her business, she discovers she needs his help. Someone appears to be sending her death gifts.

Soon Calista, Trent, Eurdora, and Calista’s brother Andrew are involved in a real mystery similar to those in Trent’s novels. They learn about some servants’ and governesses’ deaths. Those women had received the same gifts before they were killed. Now it appears that Calista has been receiving death threats.

Calista is a strong modern woman. She feels she still has to care for her brother who is now a young man. Andrew researches her potential clients to make sure they meet Calista’s standards. He enjoys the challenge and becomes helpful in the mystery threatening Calista.

‘Til Death Do Us Part has Amanda Quick’s (Jayne Ann Krentz) distinct enjoyable style. It’s witty and smart, with sexual tension and a sharp romance. Nestor is appropriately slimy. Andrew is enthusiastic and youthful, on the cusp on manhood. Eudora proves to be a good friend. Trent carries guilt, blaming himself for the death of their parents. Yet he is still a man’s man of the time.

Quick takes the mores of Victorian England and is able to relate them to today. While they were morally much stricter, people like Calista and Trent are able to work within their system to have a romance that appeals to the modern reader.

The mystery is twisty and keeps the reader guessing. ‘Til Death Do Us Part is a good mystery and sensual romance.

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