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Thump Quack Moo A Whacky Adventure Thump Quack Moo A Whacky AdventureDoreen Cronin; Simon and Schuster 2011WorldCatReview by Molly – 20+ years classroom teacher

Doreen Cronin’s Thump, Quack, Moo: A Whacky Adventure opens with Farmer Brown preparing for the annual Corn Maze Festival. He plans to make a Statue of Liberty corn maze. Osage County First Grade giggles as they peer at the page showing Farmer Brown perusing a graph and a book entitled Corn Mazes.

Osage County First Grade is fascinated by the idea of corn mazes.

None have ever been to a maze or have trudged the paths cut into corn mazes. However each and every Little Student is certain that they must be so much fun.

Farmer Brown needs help, first he must bribe the chickens into helping. –I’ll let you use my hammers.- NOW they are building a fence around the field and are they excited.  CLUCK, WHACK, CLUCK, WHACK.

Next Farmer Brown approaches the recalcitrant cows, however, his promise of use of his paintbrushes soon leads cows to painting with gusto. MOO, THWACK, MOO, THWACK.  The cows are excited.

Duck has no desire to help, a quiet talk with the Farmer leads to Duck doing his part.  THUMP QUACK, THUMP QUACK, however, Duck is NOT excited.

The mice are busy with a meteorology class, they keep an eye on the weather as the air fills with busy sounds.

Farmer Brown continues with his graph paper and art supplies, his sketch book and his mower. He counts some, he measures some, he cuts.

Unbeknownst to Farmer Brown someone else is doing some sketching and measuring, and counting, and cutting. Someone is becoming a tad excited.

Day after day the work continues, day after day the mice keep an eye on the weather. At last Farmer Brown is finished. That night someone is not yet finished.

On the day of the Corn Maze Festival there are some problems. The chickens will NOT be allowed to use hammers anymore. The barn is not quite as Farmer Brown had in mind, and the ticket booth seems to have a flaw. Nonetheless, Farmer Brown cares only for the maze. Hopping into a hot air balloon he is so excited to at last have a chance to view is maze from above. Duck too is anxious to see this maze, he pays HIS $5 and hops into the basket with Farmer Brown. At last Duck is very excited.

Doreen Cronin’s Thump, Quack, Moo is a hilarious, child pleasing tale filled with intrigue, joy and giggles. Between Writer Cronin’s hilarious tale and The zany team of Cronin and Lewis, creators of vastly child pleasing Duck and his group of mutinous cohorts have created a delightful, endearing series that began in 2001 with Caldecott Honor Book Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type go on with the chronicle of Farmer Brown and his barnyard full of defiant critters.

Little readers have been introduced to Farmer Brown and his insubordinate clutch of critters during Kindergarten, they eye the book as the call to the rug is given. Little eyes sparkle, faces glow with anticipation, that Cronin and Lewin are a popular duo for these First Grade Listeners is evident.

The first reading is followed by others during the school year, by the book being taken home for evening reading with parents and siblings, to DEAR reading, and as a book to check out from the school library.

I like the two page spread layout, short sentences, large font and entertaining tale that introduces new vocabulary and fosters the repetition upon which Beginning and Emergent Readers thrive.

Power struggle, chicanery, and sneaky behavior are discussion starters as Little Listeners begin to grasp the subtly of the narrative.

I particularly like the mice and their eye on the weather, a real concern here in Tornado Alley.

Little Listeners recognize what the mice are all about, talk about their role and voice concerns and understandings for the storms that cause even adults moment of pause now and again.

All in all, a fun read for me their teacher and for Osage County First Grade.

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