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RomanceThis Time Love by Elizabeth Lowell

This Time LoveAnn Maxwell, Elizabeth Lowell; William Morrow 2003WorldCatElizabeth Lowell has the wonderful knack of taking time worn story lines and making them fresh again.

Seven years earlier Joy had fallen in love with Gabriel Venture. Then Gabe left her New Mexico home and caves for a story in South America. He didn’t contact her again, even to learn about the baby she had nine months later. Now she is in charge of the final weeks of exploration at the same caves hidden in the Guadalupe Mountains. The site has lost funding. She and her small remaining crew are getting in as much exploring as they can.

She receives a letter from her university telling her that Gabe is returning to Lost River Cave to write a follow up story after his story seven years earlier. She steels herself, not wanting the man who had deserted her and her daughter back into her life. She doesn’t have a choice. The university has already allowed him to come. Hopefully, this new story will generate interest and return funding to the Lost River Cave exploration.

Gabe has been around the world, reporting on exotic wildernesses and explorations. If it can be climbed or reached in out of the way places, he’d be there. Now he has to return to Lost River Cave to tie up loose ends. He hasn’t forgotten the woman who gave up his child. Maybe the place will give him some peace. He doesn’t know Joy is still there.

This Time Love is a story of new love, lost love, tangled communication, isolation, and rediscovery. This novel was adapted from one of Lowell’s early works. No edgy suspense has been added other than the dangers of the cave exploration itself. Yet This Time Love pulled me straight through. Lowell makes the pain both Gabe and Joy feel (for different reasons) real. They have understandable regrets and fears – although at times Lowell dwells on them a bit too much. The misunderstanding from seven years earlier is explained to each other’s satisfaction. Yet there has to be trust for there to be love. That’s difficult for both of them.

A book to appeal to the romantic, This Time Love is perfect for a lazy afternoon or a curl up by a cozy fire.

Notice:  Strong sexual content

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