The World Set Free by H.G. Wells


Science FictionThe World Set Free by H.G. Wells

The World Set FreeH. G. Wells; Collins 1924WorldCat

This novel was written about 100 years ago. It is one of Wells’ visions for the future based on the scientific knowledge of the time.

Man has learned how to create atomic power. It revolutionizes transportation, manufacturing, and all aspects of men’s lives. As its uses increase, the strata of classes widens – the rich get richer and play more, the poor get poorer and lose their jobs. Eventually, though, politics takes over everything else. The power cities of the world are attacked by atomic bombs.

After the bombing of the dikes along the western European coast, the geography of Europe changes as the ocean floods in. That is the beginning of the end of the war. Mankind goes through yet another change. The political system becomes one world government that allows more self rule and rule by committee. The people of the world are creating a utopian society by the end of the 20th century.

Don’t bother with this book. Wells uses it to preach his ideas on how the world should be. He foresees the creation of the atom bomb and its potential use. He takes it to its ultimate force. Occasionally the story picks up on people and follows them around. Usually, though, it is the narrator’s observations. It’s usually boring, as well.

It has one redeeming quality. It’s interesting to see how Wells could foresee quite a few of the scientific advances that have since occurred.

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