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The Waste Lands (The Dark Tower, Book 3) The Waste LandsStephen King; Plume 2003WorldCatRoland, the gunslinger, now has two companions to join his quest. Eddie and Susannah came from another world to join him (see The Drawing of the Three). Eddie has kicked a bad drug habit but still hears his dead brother judging him in his head. Susannah was able to pull her split personality together into the strongest parts of both personalities. Roland is learning to function with less fingers on his right hand and managing well considering. Now he’s hearing voices in his head. Is he going insane?

After staving off an attack of an ancient creature, the three find the path to the Dark Tower. The Tower is Roland’s ultimate goal to save his dying world. As it’s dying distance is changing. The Tower is now thousands of miles away. They are on foot. All they can do is start walking.

Jake is a boy living in Eddie and Susannah’s world. He is dealing with double memories and memory loss. He is sure he should be dead, yet here he is. His father is status conscious, his mother is distant, and he is trying to be the model son for his parents. Jake feels himself tugged towards certain areas of Manhattan. He skips his prep school and starts following his intuition.

The path to the Tower goes through a broken down city and the Waste Lands. Roland, Eddie, and Susannah need help to get there. Jake has the information they need. Somehow they have to get together to continue the quest.

The Waste Lands continues Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and still keeps the reader pulled in. His descriptions of Roland’s world brings it to life in the reader’s mind. The search for the Tower keeps its slightly chilling edge. Jake’s confusion and frustration can be felt as he tries to figure out what is supposed to happen to him next.

King’s fantasy series depicts a desolate world with a tired hero who is still loyal and will protect what he knows. Roland is complex and aloof. King introduces him in The Gunslinger. As much as the reader learns in that first book, King keeps finding layers to the man that are revealed in further books. Eddie, Susannah, and Jake also continue to fill out and become deeper. The world keeps twisting and morphing as their quest continues. That adds another band of interest to keep the reader going in this series.

Read these in order. The Waste Lands gives some of the basics from the first two books in the series, but it’s not deep. To be properly involved, start with The Gunslinger.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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