The Turn of the Screw by Henry James



The Turn of the Screw (Tor Classics) The Turn of the ScrewHenry James, Jr.; Tor Classics 1993WorldCatThe Turn of the Screw is a classic ghost story written in the 19th century. A governess is given instructions to care for two young children without ever bothering the uncle who is their guardian. She was immediately smitten with him and swore to herself she would take excellent care of the two. He would never have cause to complain of having to become involved with them.

She meets seven-year-old Flora first. She is sure she has never met a more angelic child. A few days later ten-year-old Miles comes home from school. He may be more angelic that Flora. Why was he expelled from the boarding school?

Soon the governess starts seeing odd sights. She sees people who disappear by the time she gets to their location. Miles is too good. Flora tends to wander off in her mind. Something is going on. As she learns the home’s and the children’s history, she begins to suspect ghosts. Ghosts are something she has not believed before. Yet they seem to be here.

The Turn of the Screw is a psychological thriller. There is no blood and gore in Henry James’ novel. Are there really ghosts? Is it the governess’ imagination? Is something else going on with the children? Even when the story is finished, the reader wonders just what really happened.

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