The Silver Hand by Steven R. Lawhead


FantasyThe Silver Hand (Song of Albion trilogy, Book 2) The Silver Hand Stephen R. Lawhead; Lion 2002WorldCatMeldryn Mawr, king of the Llwyddi, is dead. After The Paradise War, the Llwyddi are without a king. Tegid Tathal, the chief bard of the Llwyddi, is responsible for naming a new king. He doesn’t choose Meldryn Mawr’s son, Meldron, challenges the bard. Meldron believes the kingship should pass from father to son. This is completely opposite of the ancient laws of Albion. Tegid, who narrates The Silver Hand, names Llew, the Llwyddi’s champion, the new king.

Llew tries to refuse – he is from an alternate reality. Albion and Earth have connection points. Lew and his friend, Simon, both came from Earth through an unexpected portal. Llew has become champion. Simon, now Siawn Hy, has sided with Meldron. He now is the prince’s chief aide, and is feeding the prince evil ideas. Siawn Hy is treacherous, grasping, and cruel. He sees his rise with Meldron.

Tegid names Llew king. Meldron captures and imprisons Tegid and Llew. They escape. Now they are running for their lives. When Meldron finally catches up to them, he and his Wolf Pack kill everyone gathered except Tegid and Llew. Instead, Meldron maims both the bard and the king, then casts them adrift in a boat on the sea to their fate.

The Silver Hand is the second book in the Song of Albion series. Albion is a fantasy world based on Celtic lore. The landscape is rich. The characters come to life. Although a continuing trilogy, each novel is self contained. Tegid’s narrative is compelling. Word of warning for any squeamish reader – the violence is graphic and appalling.

Notice: Graphic violence

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