The Silver Gryphon by Mercedes Lackey & Larry Dixon


FantasyThe  silver gryphon The Silver GryphonMercedes Lackey, Larry Dixon; DAW Books 1996WorldCatBook Three of The Mage Wars

Silverblade (whose name originally was Windsong) doesn’t want to follow her famous father Amberdrake as a healer. She instead wants to work with the gryphons. He knows she has a talent for healing and cannot accept that she wants something different.

Tadrith also has problems following his famous father, Skandranon Rashkae, the Black Gryphon. Because of his father, everyone expects a lot from him. He feels he can never come near his father’s talents.

Tadrith and Silverblade team up. They then accept a post on the edge of the wilderness for six months. It would only be the two of them. Through this responsibility they can prove they are beings on their own. Unfortunately, while flying out to their new position they are shot out of the sky.

Suddenly Silverblade and Tadrith find themselves in the middle of the wilderness. This was their first experience outside of their city. They know they won’t be missed for a few days so cannot just sit still waiting for help to come. They have to overcome their injuries and get out of the forest.

I enjoy Mercedes Lackey’s fantasies. This series is written with her husband. Although I have not yet the first two novels of The Mage Wars, it was not difficult to pick up this novel. It stands well on its own and while it refers to the earlier novels, does not depend on them. This novel is well done, and the characters are believable.

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