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The ShimmerDavid Morrell; Vanguard Press 2009WorldCat

As a policeman in Santa Fe, Dan Page sees more than he would like. It’s part of the job. On his day off he often flies in his Cessna. The demands of flying the small craft keep him from remembering what he’s seen. This day his off time is interrupted by a chase after a man who kills a cop then tries to speed away. Page has the bird’s eye view to follow the man – right to the fiery finish. Then when he gets home, he discovers his wife, Tori, is gone.

He finds a note stating she’s going to her mother’s. That’s odd because she hadn’t mentioned it that morning. Admittedly, they haven’t been talking much recently but she never left for her mother’s without letting him know. Even odder, she’s driving to San Antonio rather than flying. When she doesn’t arrive at her mother’s in the expected time, Page starts putting out calls to police and contacts along her route.

He gets a call from the sheriff near Rostov, Texas. Tori is there. It’s out of her way. Page has to come out and see for himself. When Page arrives he learns about the unexplained lights of Rostov and Tori’s fascination with them. As the crowd gathers a man suddenly goes crazy and starts shooting the viewers there. Page and Tori barely escape. That’s the beginning of a craziness Page could never have predicted.

David Morrell has been writing thrillers for over 30 years. In The Shimmer Morrell creates believable characters trapped in a surreal setting. Page and his wife are normal people dealing with each other and their problems together. Brent Loft, a news reporter, and a camerawoman (“cameraman” Anita would correct you) are sent to Rostov to get the story of the shooting. He wants to earn a job on CNN; she wants to earn the overtime for her family. Halloway is an Iraq veteran assigned for three months to guard a communications facility in the middle of nowhere, West Texas. Chief Costigan is the sheriff of Rostov who can’t explain what is happening, either, but is still committed to caring for his small community. Col. Warren Raleigh is following in his father’s, grandfather’s and great-grandfather’s footsteps when he re-establishes a scientific experiment and new communication center at the abandoned airbase just outside Rostov. The Shimmer isn’t long enough to go deeply into all these characters, but presents them all as believable, conflicted, and ready for the happy ending. They don’t all get it, though.

The lights have been seen for hundreds of years and no one has been able to explain them. Tori is enthralled by the lights. Page can’t see them. The shooter was driven to the point of despair by the lights. Some people also feel or hear music connected with them. Morrell keeps the mystic fascination of them throughout the book until the final conclusion. Their presence, fascination, and mystery builds as well as their effect on the people who witness them. Morrell keeps the reader entranced with them as well as the story.

The Shimmer is an excellent read to pull in both the reader of good thrillers and supernatural.

Notice:  Graphic violence

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