The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson



The Secret of Platform 13 by Eva Ibbotson

The SeChildrencret of Platform 13Eva Ibbotson; Macmillan London 1995WorldCat

“Once every child in the land could have told you that a gump was a special mound, a grassy bump on the earth, and that in this bump was a hidden door which opened every so often to reveal a tunnel which led to a completely different world.” Abandoned Platform 13 of the Kings Cross Railway has a gump. This gump leads to the Island, an enchanted land with all sorts of creatures. The door to the Island opens every nine years for only a few days.

The King and Queen of the Island had a baby boy shortly before the door opened one year. His nannies wanted to visit England while the door was open, so they received permission to take the prince to the cove where the door was. They were tempted out together, and while in London, the prince was kidnapped. They did not know what had happened until they were back on the Island side of the door and the door was shut for another nine years.

Nine years later, a rescue party is sent to retrieve the prince. The ghosts who live on Platform 13 can travel between the lands any time they want. They had discovered who had kidnapped the prince and his new name. This rescue party was to find the prince and bring him back to his parents. They were sure they would be able to explain the situation to him and bring him back.

But are things ever that simple? The prince is not like they expected. They were not sure they wanted him at the Island, but they had promised. One of the servant boys at the prince’s London home helped them as they tried to rescue the prince.

This is a charming, attention keeping tale aimed at about eight to ten-year-olds. The characters will attract any child with a good imagination, and the ink drawings in the book add to the descriptions. The reader identifies all along with the rescuers as they face the prince. The prince is a spoiled brat. Children and adults will enjoy this book.

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  1. Comment by Katlyn:

    I thought this is a wonderful book and people should read it. It shows an imagination for people who like fantasies. It shows you the kind of thoughts people think and write down. All of my friends read it and said, “O, my gosh I love that book. Do you think the prince is cute?”

    It’s a very good book. I think people who like adventure and fantasy should read this book.


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