The Search for Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi


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The Search for Wondla by Tony DiTerlizzi

The Search for WondLaTony DiTerlizzi; Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers 2010WorldCatEva Nine has spent all of her twelve years living in the Sanctuary underground with Muthr, her robot caretaker. She longs to see the outside world, but can’t until Muthr decides she is ready. But when someone breaks in through Sanctuary’s front door, Muthr, has Eva Nine flee up an air shaft and flee for her life.

Earth on the surface is nothing like Eva had learned. Muthr taught how her to survive in the wild. But it wasn’t the wild Eva finds herself in now. She watches as a tree eats a bird, then walks on its way. In her first night, she see more new things than she has seen in her holovids for years. She has a device that’s supposed to help her – but it can’t identify anything. The only reason Eva survives beyond that first night is her luck in finding Rovender, a lanky blue creature who doesn’t seem to like her, but helps her anyway. Eva learns she isn’t on Earth after all, but the planet Orbona. She wants to find other humans like herself.

Instead Eva finds a huge gentle creature, Otto, who can also communicate with her, a hunter who wants to capture her, a museum that wants to display her, a gigantic sand crab that eats anything that disturbs its desert, and more creatures than she can imagine. The only thing Eva has to hang onto in her hope to find humans is a small picture she calls a Wondla. It gives her the emotional security to keep on looking.

The Search for Wondla is a delightful book. Tony DiTerlizzi show how Eva trying to find where she fits in – something every child goes through. Fortunately most children aren’t captured or escape hunters like Eva does. I listened to the book, but understand DiTerlizzi has wonderful pictures in the book and an interactive web site that goes with  The Search for Wondla.

The story is constantly moving, keeping the reader entertained and drawn into Eva’s flight and discoveries. The Search for Wondla captures the imagination as DiTerlizzi describes a world completely different from anything Eva has learned. As an adult, there were a few things that bothered me, but the 10-year-old reader won’t notice them.

The Search for Wondla is a great adventure book with many extras – including more to come.

Notice: Non-graphic violence

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