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The Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 2) The Sea of MonstersRick Riordan; Miramax 2007WorldCatAs the son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson is special – he’s a demigod. He lives in New York City with his mother and attends a private school because he has a history of making trouble. He’s dyslexic and has trouble learning. Instead, he understands Ancient Greek, which is why English is so hard for him. Over the summer he plans to attend Camp Half-Blood again. It’s the hidden camp for the children of the Olympian gods.

He has made it through a school year without causing any trouble. On the last day of school, some new students come in who are actually monsters. These monsters are drawn by Percy but want to eat anyone they can. Fortunately for Percy, his friend Annabeth arrives. They are able to drive away the monsters without anyone being seriously hurt or killed. Then they head off to Camp only to find bad changes. The protective tree is dying and monsters are invading Camp.

Percy starts meeting some half-brothers as well. It’s not as cool as he would have thought it would be. He and Annabeth take off to rescue their satyr friend Grover. Two half brothers make the unofficial quest more…interesting. It really isn’t easy being a demigod.

This children’s fantasy is the sequel to The Lightning Thief. Percy hasn’t changed much except he understands himself and his mother better. This novel will be a hit with it’s intended audience. What kid can resist the loser who is actually a winner? When the children try to save all the adults again, you just have to root for them.

The Sea of Monsters is told in Percy’s first person narrative. So we get to see all his doubts and confusion as well as celebrations and surprise when things go right.

Rick Riordan has given us a light children’s book that is fun and uplifting. It’s a quick read for an adult and a lot of fun for children reading chapter books.

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