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MysteryThe Rubber Band by Rex Stout

The Rubber BandRex Stout; Bantam Books 1992WorldCatWhen I was a child, my father was always reading Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mysteries. I finally have gotten around to reading one myself. Nero Wolfe is quite a character, isn’t he? He is a genius detective that never leaves his home and spends hours a day tending his orchids. He has his assistant, Archie Goodwin, and others do his footwork for him.

This novel has all sorts of unconnected events that finally tie together. The president of Seaboard Products wants to hire Mr. Wolfe to investigate an embezzlement within his company. He is certain that the lady accused did not commit the theft.

Meanwhile, this same lady comes to Nero Wolfe a few hours later with a story of debt owed by an English nobleman saved from lynching. She wants him to help collect the outstanding debt.

The Rubber Band had been a group of young men in 1895 that had grouped in the West. The Englishman had been part of the band in his wild youth. He had promised a portion of his future wealth to help escape a promised lynching. Now the remaining members of the Rubber Band are collecting the debt. Yet they are being murdered as Mr. Wolfe is considering what case he will take.

This novel holds your interest. Since it is a Nero Wolfe mystery, you know the loose ends tie together eventually. But darned if I could figure out how until almost the end! Of course, in this one Nero Wolfe also says part of his final solution is theory, but can probably be proven.

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