The Reality Matrix by John Dalmas


Science FictionThe Reality Matrix by John Dalmas

Reality MatrixJohn Dalmas; baen 1986WorldCat

Something is strange in different parts of the country. Frank Diacono tries to camp out on top of Humphrey Peak in Arizona, but a spirit presence deters him. Lefty Nagel was vandalizing cars when he suddenly became a ghost. Bill Van Wyck is a mathematician who works with Diacono. He is noticing some weird with insanity statistics that he believes are being manipulated by outside forces. Jerry Conner, an LA police officer, witnesses a strange auto accident that results in a death. He investigates and discovers there is a pattern of deaths at the same location.

Jerry Conner and Carol Ludi, the victim’s sister, dig deeper. They hook up with a psychic. The trio is drawn out to the desert to meet someone. When they arrive at their previously unknown destination, they meet Diacono, Van Wyck, and Vic and Tory Merlin. The group realizes they are supposed to be together right now and they have a larger purpose. Without their intervention, the world may end within six months.

This fantasy novel is based in our world and the larger universe where spiritual beings are playing with worlds and populations. The Evil Seven have been banned from Earth, but their four assistants have carried on for them, hurrying the destruction of Earth so a new one can be formed and the game start again. It’s up to this group of psychically advanced humans to right the game and keep Earth on its current path. The Reality Matrix postulates different dimensions of beings that interact with and interchange with each other.

Dalmas has created an intriguing novel. I was sucked in by the time the travelers were crossing the country and trying to evade the dangers put in their way. Once I put it down I decided it wasn’t great fiction, but quite enjoyable. The characters didn’t come to life yet were easy to follow. A science fiction reader will appreciate this book.

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