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NonfictionThe Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie OmartianReview by Molly

Stormie Omartian’s The Power of a Praying Parent The Power of a Praying series commences with a Foreword from the author in which she states something about the book, as well as, how it and the series in which it is a cornerstone, came to be.

The Introduction furthers reader comprehension of this volume in addition to providing explanation of the series of works regarding prayer offered by the author.

A Table of Contents outlines the 31 chapters comprising the book itself.  Becoming a Praying Parent, Releasing My Child into God’s Hands and Securing Protection from Harm are chapters designed particularly to serve as a guide for new parents.

Each chapter is packed with thoughts and notions, ideas and suggestions the author has found work for her as a parent, and praying individual throughout the continually ever-changing, developing, and fluctuating phases of growth and behavior children enter and leave all through their growing up years.  Most parents swiftly discover that just when you have confidence you have this stage figured out, and things are moving smoothly; the kid enters another phase, and, you start all over again.

Omartian enlightens what prayer really is and how praying works.  Omartian sprinkles pages with Bible quotations for the reader to use for reference.   She offers prayers she has prayed as illustration to be used as a model for how to pray for particular instance or as a prayer to use as is.

Prayers themselves are presented across a two page spread with the prayer on side of the spread, and Biblical verses apropos to the prayer on the other.  And, to help reinforce the message for those who may be new to the notion of relying on prayer to add another dimension to daily life; Omartian frequently adds an example or two of Answered Prayer.

Some of the chapter titles include Maintaining Good Family Relationships, Feeling Loved and Accepted, Instilling Desire to Learn, Enjoying Freedom From Fear, Inviting the Joy of the Lord.

And, she addresses some of the dilemma intrinsic to child rearing all parents face; Attracting Godly Friends and Role Models, Enjoying a Life of Health and Healing, Having the Motivation for Proper Body Care, Destroying an Inheritance of Family Bondage,  Avoiding Alcohol, Drugs and other Addictions, Rejecting Sexual Immorality, Seeking Wisdom and Discernment.

Praying for Your Adult Children wraps up the work.   Parents’ work does not end when the kids become adults.  More than ever our adult children can gain the strength needed for their journey as adults with responsibility.

An Appendix is offered with suggestions for Praying Together With Other Parents.

Stormie Omartian’s The Power of a Praying Parent The Power of a Praying series features optimistic revelations,  recommendations, and devotions delivered by a woman who lives the power of prayer. Omartian has recovered from an abusive childhood, has dedicated her life to service for others, prayer, raising her children and the God she serves.

I found as I was raising my own children the trials and joys of parenting form a bond all parents seem to appreciate, recognize and share.  Knowing that others have also had children who conduct themselves much as my own in a given situation does bring some joy to each stage of the parenting situation.

Omartian’s bestselling The Power of a Praying series with 28 million + copies sold, is intended to provide a tool, prayer, for use to an always changing and growing group of readers ready to determine the power of prayer for their lives, and the individuals and circumstances making up ever fluctuating lives as development, maturity and situations alter.

This small 5 X 8.5 book can easily be tucked into briefcase or handbag and taken out for reading during breaks at work or school, or for those moments when the reader is sitting in the dentist office waiting for child or children, or is stopped at the rail crossing and seemingly endless train of cars is passing.

The one fault I find with the book, the size of type is difficult to read as eye sight dims with age.

The Power of a Praying Parent has a place on the home bookshelf, as well as the book case of class leaders, case workers, care givers.  The small size makes the book ideal as a tuck in gift in the basket prepared for new mom, or grandmother, as well as anyone who is or wants to become a praying parent, care giver or educator dealing with children.

Interesting, educational, helpful read, happy to  recommend.

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