The Plot to Save Socrates by Paul Levinson


Science Fiction

The plot to save Socrates The Plot to Save SocratesPaul Levinson; Tor 2006WorldCatIt is almost half way through the first half of the 21st century. Sierra Waters is given an ancient document by her thesis professor at the Old School in Manhattan.When she reads it, it sounds unbelievable. The document appears to be a translation of a genuine document written about Socrates’ last days. It sounds like someone has offered Socrates a chance to escape and let a clone die in his place. The method of escape seems to be…time travel.

Thus begins the strangest trip of Sierra’s life. Who was this “Andros” who approached Socrates in his cell the night before his death? Did the incident really happen? The document was authenticated for its purported time frame. What did Socrates do? He denies the opportunity, yet Andros keeps talking. The document ends before the mens’ conversation does. Her professor gave her the document, then left for a few days. When looking for him, she instead meets other men – men who say they are from different times in the past. Then she and her partner Max discover the chairs that take them to the past as well. Now, will they learn the secret of Socrates’ fate?

Once again Paul Levinson gives the science fiction reader a satisfying tale to make the reader think. The Plot to Save Socrates has many interesting twists as well as the philosophical underpinnings of Socrates’ own beliefs. More than one paradox occurs, yet is worked through. The reader finally learns what happened to Socrates. But other questions, such as who invented the time traveling chairs, remain open for the reader to guess.

The Plot to Save Socrates seems twisted at first as the time frames jump around. By midway through the book they all flow together well. It’s easy reading, but not light reading. I like time travel novels and have enjoyed Levinson’s writing in the past. The two elements come together well in a book to intrigue the reader and keep his or her interest.

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