The Master Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg


Paranormal RomanceFantasyThe Master Magician by Charlie N. HolmbergThe Master Magician by Charlie N. HolmbergHer magician apprenticeship with Magician Emery Thane is almost done. Soon Ceony Twill should be his equal – and they can allow their love to be realized. Ceony has a secret that evil magicians would love to have. For now, though, she has to study for her exam to become a paper magician. When Emery tells her who her examiner will be, she is surprised and unhappy. Normally the apprentice’s mentor is the examiner. Instead, the man who is Emery’s adversary. They don’t like each other. When Ceony protests, Emery reminds her that if Mg. Bailey passes her, he can’t be accused of favoritism like Emery could.

Ceony can’t forget the events almost two years earlier when her close friend died and she was barely able to save another master magician. The Excisioner who was responsible has escaped from prison. If Saraj was smart he would leave England for the continent. Instead, Ceony realizes he is coming after her first. Now she is living with Mg. Bailey and his current apprentice while finishing her studies for her exam and trying to find Saraj before he finds her.

The Master Magician keeps the wonder and joy of the first two novels in Charlie N. Holmberg’s Paper Magician series. Since this is a young adult fantasy set in the early 1900’s England, the romance is low key and delightful as an underlying story.

The action is fast and the attempts on Ceony’s life keep her and the reader on their toes in Holmberg’s final novel of the triology. The Master Magician follows two story lines – the evil man who tries to get to Ceony and her final preparations and exam to become a magician herself. Both story lines keep the reader involved.

The Master Magician is an easy read novel that has the story line to keep a reader’s attention while staying light and an enchanting story.

Notice: Fantasy non-graphic violence

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