The Man Who Cast Two Shadows by Carol O’Connell


The Man Who Cast Two Shadows by Carol O'Connell

Mystery The Man Who Cast Two ShadowsCarol O’Connell; Jove Books 1996WorldCatA woman is murdered in a park in the city, then her body is pulled and hidden by the river. The dead woman is identified as Kathleen Mallory. But Mallory isn’t dead. The woman wore a sweater that Mallory had donated to charity and Mallory’s name was still inside the sweater. Now Mallory is pulled in with Sergeant Riker to discover who killed Amanda Bosch.

Charles Butler is approached by a family where the son may have telekinetic powers. His step-mother says things fly at her and that Justin was trying to get her. There is a strange family history, with an overbearing father, a mousy second stepmother, and a boy around 12-years-old who is awkward and lacking or covering emotions. Mallory is interested in the mother’s and first stepmother’s deaths. She offers to help Butler with the case in their private business.

Mallory moves into the apartment complex where she guesses the killer lives. She starts investigating the men who fit the criteria she and Riker have developed that probably fit the man who murdered Amanda Bosch. Butler and Mallory work with Justin, who takes a liking to Mallory. Now she finds herself dealing with both. Being Mallory, she is able to keep them separate. But they keep crossing.

Mallory is a fascinating character and The Man Who Cast Two Shadows, the second in the series, helps develop her. She is described as a sociopath who is on the side of the law because of her adoptive parents. She is a computer genius, and will break rules and hack into unlawful places to help solve crimes. Now she is in Homicide and is able to put her unusual talents to work tracking killers.

Carol O’Connell’s The Man Who Cast Two Shadows twists around on itself. I hung right with it, keeping the pages turning. I enjoyed it, yet felt it could be more. It often seemed flat, even though it kept moving. You won’t be sorry when you read it.

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