The Main Corpse by Diane Mott Davidson


Cozy Mystery

The Main Corpse (Goldy Culinary Mysteries, Book 6) The Main CorpseDiane Mott Davidson; Bantam 1997WorldCatIt has been rainy, wet, and cold in Aspen Meadows, Colorado. Goldilock’s Catering has had practically no business all spring. Now it is June. The weather has not let up. Business has not picked up. Her friend Marla helps Goldy get a job for Prospect Financial Partners. They are having a fancy h’ors doevre and beer party for the kick up of their new venture; a gold mine left over from WWII is being revived.

Marla discovers the mine venture may be doomed. She confronts one of the partners at the party. Goldy is certain she will not work again. The partner absconds the next day, along with a large chunk of the company’s money. Goldy finds herself drug further in the mystery Shulz wants her to avoid. The h’ors doevre gig did spark more work for her, keeping the catering company in business. Marla needs help, keeping Goldy hopping on a personal level. And a past friend out on parole is looking for Goldy as well.

The Main Corpse is another of Davidson’s cozy mysteries, shot through with friendship, humor, and delicious recipes. She describes a cold, snowy June in the Rocky mountains with wit. The weather is as much a part of this story as the characters in the novel. There is a good mystery intertwined in the fun.

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