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The Lost World The Lost WorldMichael Crichton; Ballantine Books 1996WorldCat

In this sequel to Jurassic Park, scientists in the United States believe that some dinosaurs may be alive. Richard Levine, one of the world’s genius scientists, is certain there is a “lost world” – a world where the dinosaur never died off. Ian Malcom could tell him otherwise, but doesn’t. He also is afraid the dinosaurs may be alive. He faced them before and knows how dangerous they can be.

After a few years working with Malcom, Levine discovers the island off Costa Rica that he believes still harbors the dinosaurs. He is hoping this island will give clues as to why the creatures died off suddenly, so flies down to check it out. Upon arrival at the isolated island, his guide is attacked and torn apart. He gets to meet dinosaurs up close. Friends back in the United States are trying to locate him at the same time. They are able to connect by satellite phone and discover he is in danger. Soon a small party, including Malcom, travel to the deadly island to rescue Levine from his own stupidity.

I enjoyed this book, although I think Jurassic Park is better. This one has its moments that gets on my nerves, especially the long evolution theories it expounds. But then it turns around and explains what it wrong with some of those same theories. The scientific explanations usually were well done and did not lose me. There is a wonderful female protagonist who rescues the men more than once. The obligatory children are there as well.

Malcom’s character was a bit of a disappointment. Since he is a carry over from the first novel, I expected him to be fuller. He showed some of his knowledge that he should have had from his first experience, yet too many things got by him.

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