The Lost Night by Jayne Castle


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The Lost Night by Jayne CastleAfter trying to make it in the “normal” world, Rachel Blake moves to Rainshadow Island. She spent summers there as a child with her aunts. She visited one time as an adult and somehow ended up in the mysterious Preserve. She also found her way out. She is the only person to have done so without mental anguish although she has no memory of her time there. When her aunts died they left her a bookstore on the island. When her job in a psy clinic failed, Rachel moved back to the island.

Things are getting worse in and around the Preserve. It’s strange, twisted power is getting stronger. The shadows are worse and are spreading. The Sebastian family owns Rainshadow Island and are responsible for the safety of and in the Preserve. Harry Sebastian, one of the current generation of the Sebastian family, comes to Rainshadow Island. He wants to find out what is happening and reverse the problems in the Preserve. Perhaps he can even discover some of its secrets.

Harry is interested in Rachel because she’s the one person who has entered and left the Preserve without being affected. He wants to know how she was able to do that without getting lost or caught up in the psy currents. Rachel can’t give him any answers. Almost as soon as he arrives, he is heading to town when a bad storm hits Rainshadow Island. He stops at the nearest house, Rachel’s for shelter. The storm is so bad he ends up staying the night. Of course the next day the whole town is talking about them. Rachel knows they won’t believe any explanation. After another storm catches them the next night she finds herself attracted to the strong Harry Sebastian. Even when she learns his secret, it doesn’t lessen. Instead, she goes with him into the Preserve to see if they discover what is happening there – and to find the man who was kidnapped and taken inside.

The Lost Night continues from the end of Jayne Castle’s Canyons of Night and also further the stories by Jayne Ann Krentz – Copper Beach – and Amanda Quick – Crystal Gardens. There are secrets in the Preserve to be discovered. Now it is Harry and Rachel’s turn to investigate. Once again their psychic bond pulls them together immediately – hot sex by their second night together. (That’s a common theme in the hotter romantic novels these days. Not realistic, but fun for the reader. Let’s hope it doesn’t set up unrealistic expectations for anyone.)

Despite that annoyance on my part, I enjoyed The Lost Night. It’s quick paced, with Krentz’s/Castle’s sassy characters. The man is troubled by his dark side; the woman sees it as his deep heroism. The psychic traces are all over everything and there is still much in the Preserve to be resolved. Once again, I’m pulled back into Castle’s world of Harmony.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence, Strong sexual content

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