The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett



The Light Fantastic The Light FantasticTerry Pratchett; HarperTorch 2000WorldCatRincewind has fallen off the edge of Discworld along with Twoflower, the traveler. Why is Rincewind not surprised that instead of plunging into space and death, he finds himself caught and hanging upside down in a tree? Perhaps it concerns the new star in the sky that is growing larger and redder each day. Or perhaps it is because he has phenomenal luck. Or perhaps it is because of the accursed spell that has lodged and hidden in his brain. Or maybe it is something else entirely?

Meanwhile, back at the Unseen University for Discworld wizards, the head wizards are busy discovering the meaning of the new star. They are sure they need to say the Octavio spells. Unfortunately one spell is missing – hidden in Rincewind’s head. The Discworld populace is panicking. They are considering ridding Discworld of all magic. Wizards are people non grata at the moment.

This is one of the novels that makes the Discworld series’ reputation. It is wonderfully humorous. This is the second novel in the series and finishes establishing the background for the rest of the series. Conan the Barbarian is present, although somewhat aged. The Great A’Tuin is flying through space towards his unknown objective. This is a book that keeps me chuckling.

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