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a True Celebration of Eternal Life

Review by Molly

The Last Rose a True Celebration of Eternal Life is not a story book; it is a chronicle of the lives and deaths of two people by the husband and father they left behind through no responsibility of their own. The work begins with a note that while the accident that took the lives of JoAnn and Lisa Pierce is noted, it is not the accident that is the crux of the book, but rather writer Pierce states that The Last Rose is a book about the power of love.

Following the prologue, the reader will find eulogies to both women. These are poignant, loving reminders that our lives touch the lives of those around us.

The balance of the work is presented in letter form for the reader. Writer Pierce discusses how he prepared for writing the book, the accident that caused the deaths of not only his wife and daughter but three others as well, and he discusses the aftermath of the tragedy during which writer Pierce begins the difficult task of facing reality and preparing for life without his wife and daughter.

The reason for the one yellow rose gracing the cover of the book is explained in Chapter 5 along with a number of other short stories concerning preparing for the funerals and meeting the surviving families of other victims of the accident. Pierce continues his narrative with accounts of his beginning to reach out to others, beginning his healing by speaking with and to others who also are dealing with grief and the difficulties of the first anniversary.

On 6 March 2004 Thomas Pierce, along with his wife and daughter, boarded a water taxi. Pierce’s life was forever changed when a gust of wind caused the taxi to overturn in Baltimore Inner Harbor and he lost both is wife and his daughter. Such an incident might well have led to bitter recrimination and dwelling upon the past, Pierce however has taken this tragedy and has probed the depths of what he feels is the uplifting power of love to help him overcome his grief and move forward.

The Last Rose details the tragic accident that occurred in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor which caused the death of Pierce’s wife and daughter before it expresses the inspirational influence of love and how the author used that power to empower his own healing. Because of love he has been enabled to move beyond the tragedy and forge an expansion of his life as a computer programmer and consultant. Today Pierce has become a professional speaker and writer who shares his story through lectures and memorial services.

I received a hard back copy from publicist for review. The Last Rose is a powerful work filled with the thoughts of a man who has faced more than any one person ought to face and has come away victorious, able to honor the memory of precious loved ones and move forward in his own life through service to others. A must have for the therapist’s shelf, the personal reading list and the person in need of an inspirational work.

“My goal is not only to honor the memories of my wife and daughter, but to encourage others who are grieving a tragic loss to share their feelings,” Pierce states. “It’s important to remember that life goes on after death, and the power of love is able to heal all wounds.”

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