The Last Honest Woman by Nora Roberts



The Last Honest Woman The Last Honest WomanNora Roberts; Mira 1995WorldCatDylan Crosby is writing an autobiography on the race car driver Chuck Rockwell. He receives permission to spend some time at the home of Rockwell’s widow, Abby O’Hurley. He has done his research and knows what to expect from this woman.

Abby knows this writer is coming. She wants to cooperate with him, yet does not want to reveal the whole truth about her late husband. She wants to protect their small sons.

Abby is not the woman Dylan expects. He knows something is wrong and that she is hiding something from him. He keeps digging, trying to get her to reveal her past with her husband. She resists those questions.

The Last Honest Woman was originally a Silhouette romance novel. Nora Roberts is one of the premiere romance writers in the United States. Her characters in The Last Honest Woman are appealing. This is where we first meet the O’Hurley family. Abby’s triplet sisters and her brother appear in their own novels.

The Last Honest Woman is quick, light reading. It is good for a diverting hour or two.

Notice: Strong sexual content

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