The Last Chance Cafe by Linda Lael Miller



The Last Chance Cafe The Last Chance CafeLinda Lael Miller; Pocket Star 2003WorldCatHallie Royer’s father has died. He was a Phoenix policeman who interrupted a burglar and was killed in his home. She doesn’t want to go to the wake after the funeral, but she knows she can’t disappoint his many friends. Her ex-husband Joel takes her to the bar where the police force and Lou’s friends gathered.

While there, she meets a loner man who states her father’s death wasn’t an accident. She is given a key and a clue. She and her twin daughters go to her father’s home. There she discovers a secret that horrifies her. There is corruption in the city of Phoenix that includes politicians, the police, and even her ex-husband. When Joel shows up at her father’s house, she grabs their daughters and her father’s papers. They get in the car and run. Hallie can’t return to her own home, her restaurant business, or access her bank accounts. All she has is the cash in her purse and her father’s old pick up truck.

The truck breaks down in a blizzard outside of Primrose Creek, Nevada. The first shelter the three of them find is the Last Chance Cafe. There Hallie discovers a community of people who are willing to accept her. She quickly gets a job working at the Cafe. She becomes the caretaker in a traveling artist’s home. She and her children make new friends. And she meets Chance Qualtrough, a man completely different from any man she has met.

Hallie, though, is on the run. She has to be ready to take off anytime. She plans to home school her daughters so she can avoid enrolling them in a school and leaving a paper trail. She refuses to make any permanent connection in Primrose Creek. Too bad the inhabitants make that so difficult for her. Hallie has never felt to be part of a community like she could be in this small community in Nevada.

Miller takes the on-the-run story line and makes it believable. She discusses the problems on Hallie’s inability to use ATMs or access her money. There is the problem of raising two bright seven-year-olds and keeping them intellectually and socially challenged. Hallie is a strong woman who is able to accept Chance, yet has to prove herself. There are still some clouds in their future. But this is a romance novel – the reader knows there will be a happy ending. The reader will enjoy the trip to find that ending.

Notice: Strong sexual content

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