The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury


Science Fiction

The Illustrated Man (Grand Master Editions) The Illustrated ManRay Bradbury; Spectra 1983WorldCat

Ray Bradbury is one of the early great science fiction authors. He was writing and publishing short stories back in the 1950’s when the genre was growing into immense popularity. This novel is a collection of those older short stories. Yet they are timeless.

Most of these stories still fall into the realm of “it could happen”. There are a few anomolies here and there that date them, usually in technology, but not many. Instead we have Mars being used as a quarantine planet (these stories are all old enough that humans still hoped they could live openly on Mars – since disproven) the children’s video nursery, aliens from other planets, the discovery of a Messiah (wonderful, thought provoking story), stories based here on Earth and others in outer space.

These are the sort of stories that have hooked so many of us into the speculative fiction genre. Ray Bradbury certainly imagines and introduces the reader to fantastic worlds and possibilities. If you have never read this, try it.

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