The Hugo Winners Volume IV


Science Fiction

The New Hugo Winners IV (New Hugo Winners) The New Hugo Winners IVBenford; Baen 1997WorldCatThis is an anthology of science fiction short stories and novellas that won the Hugo Award in 1992, 1993, and 1994. The Hugo Awards are given annually by the World Science Fiction Society for outstanding writing in their field. Three shorter works from each year are included in this collection.

The authors included here are Isaac Asimov, Janet Kagan, Nancy Kress, Geoffrey Landis, Charles Sheffield, Lucius Shepard, Harry Turtledove, and Connie Willis. There are some fascinating stories included.

I had read about half of these stories at some other time. Nancy Kress‘ novella, “Beggars in Spain”, was later expanded into a novel that was just as good. Connie Willis again proves the quality of her writing with two stories in two different years. I turned to those stories first.

These are well written, enjoyable stories (which is why they won awards). Gregory Benford has written a small introduction to each submission. These truly are award winners.

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