The Highly Effective Detective Goes to the Dogs by Richard Yancey


Cozy Mystery

The highly effective detective goes to the dogs The Highly Effective Detective Goes to the DogsRichard Yancey; St. Martin’s Minotaur 2008WorldCat

Teddy Ruzak is trying to establish a new business as a private detective in Knoxville. But when he fails the Tennessee private investigator test a second time, he has to close his door temporarily. If he doesn’t pass on his third try, he’ll have to give up the business.

It’s November. This will be the first set of holidays after his mother’s death. Teddy is over 30, a bit heavy, a bit hapless, and a bit of a bumbler. His heart and ethics are in the right place. If he doesn’t succeed in this business, he doesn’t know what he will do next in his life.

On the day his business closes, Teddy gives his hat to a homeless man, leading to unexpected consequences. The next day he returns to the office to care for some last items. From his window he sees a body in the alley. It is the homeless man he had seen the day before. Now, instead of studying for the private investigator test, Teddy follows starts investigating the man’s death.

The Highly Effective Detective Goes to the Dogs is the second of the series and the first one I’ve read. It’s a cute cozy mystery, It’s not great but entertaining. The characters are sympathetic but not deep. The mystery has good twists. Richard Yancey uses Teddy as a philosopher of life with tons of trivia in his head.

Teddy is not a hunky or focused or world weary detective. He’s a bit sad yet optimistic. He has gone through some major life changes and is still trying to determine his path. Yancey portrays that part of his character quite well through both him and the supporting characters.

For light, escapism entertainment, you’ll enjoy The Highly Effective Detective Goes to the Dogs.

Notice:  Suggestive dialogue or situations

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