The Gods Themselves by Isaac Asimov


Science Fiction

The Gods Themselves The Gods ThemselvesIsaac Asimov; Spectra 1990WorldCatDr. Frederick Hallum discovered the Electron Pump, a machine that brings in electrons from a parallel universe while sending protons over to the other universe. Now the Earth has an unlimited source of nearly free energy. Dr. Peter Lamont is afraid that the Sun is being affected by the input from the Pump. He is predicting the Pump will make the Sun explode. No one will listen to him.

Dua is the Emotional Being of a triad of Soft Ones in the parallel universe on the other side of the pump. Odeen and Tritt, the Rational and Parental Beings of her triad do not understand her. Odeen communicates with the Hard Ones, the other life on their planet. The Hard Ones invented the pump and shipped the technology through the dimensions to Earth. Dua, despite being an Emotional, realizes that the Pump could destroy the Universe on the other side. She rages against the selfishness of the Hard Ones.

This is a fascinating hard science fiction novel. Since I know nothing about physics I don’t know if the theory is sound, but it sounds good to me. At the beginning of the book the Electron Pump is already in place and established. Crying “Wolf” against the pump is ignored. No one wants to lose cheap, inexhaustible energy. Is the pump really dangerous? Or does Lamont have a grudge against Hallum? How can Dua help save the “other Universe” from her world? This is an enjoyable book soundly written.

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