The Glass Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg


MysteryRomanceFantasyThe Glass Magician by Charlie N. HolmbergAlthough she is a new apprentice magician, Ceony Twill has already done impressive magic. She is a Folder, a paper magician. She was able to create a paper heart that kept a man alive until his heart function could be restored. She defeated an Excisioner, a magician who illegally worked with blood. Excisioners usually kill the people they meet. She was also able to save Magician Emery Thane, the man who is her teacher and mentor. She came to know him extremely well.

Now she has returned to her apprenticeship with Mg. Thane has resumed. Unfortunately, two of the Excisioner Lira’s accomplices are still out in the world. Now one of them, Grath,  is hunting Ceony to discover her secret of defeating Lira despite the Excisioner’s exceptional skills.

Ceony loves working with her magic. She had been first in her class at school. She hadn’t planned on becoming a Folder, but is now excited about all she is learning with Mg. Thane. She has to be meticulous in her skills, precise in her measurements and folds. But she is curious and stubborn as well. She should stay home and learn her magic. Instead, she has to try to find Grath herself.

The world Charlie N. Holmberg has created for her Paper Magician series is enchanting. The world has hints of steampunk, but is full of magic rather than extraordinary machines. It takes place in early 20th century London, rather than the Victorian era. The magic Ceony can create with folded paper catches the imagination and pulls the reader right in.

The Glass Magician continues the story Holmberg started in The Paper Magician. Ceony is intense, headstrong, intelligent, and idealistic. She is at the beginning of her apprenticeship and despite her battle with Lira she is enthusiastic to succeed in her chosen career. She is attracted to Emery Thane but knows it’s improper to want a relationship with her mentor and trainer.

If you enjoyed The Night Circus, you’ll like the Paper Magician series. For fantastic magic, good characters, and a fun, fast paced story, check out The Glass Magician.

Notice: Non-graphic fantasy violence

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