The Fear Sign by Margery Allingham


Historical MysteryThe Fear Sign by Margery Allingham

The Fear SignMargery Allingham; Aeonian Pr 1988WorldCatThe Fear Sign aka Sweet Danger or Kingdom of Death

Albert Campion has become the Hereditary Paladin of Averna, a small country in Europe. His friends, Eager-Wright, Farquharson, and Duffy join him as he travels to the Pontesbright region of England to find the true heir to the English family that deeded Averna to England over 100 years earlier.

Soon the men find themselves deep in the countryside of England. There they meet Hal, Mary, and Amanda Fitten. Hal is probably the heir Campion and company are seeking. Now they have to find the proof. The men move into the Pontesbright Mill with the Fitten family and their American Aunt Hattie. As soon as they settle into their temporary quarters, the local doctor invites them to join him for dinner. At this meal, he warns the men away from the English valley. It is unsafe for outsiders.

The adventure-seekers find riddles, hidden secrets, missing bells, and unusual mythologic or occult warning signs. Teen-aged Amanda Fitten is bright and joins them. She knows Campion who can help restore the family fortune if anyone can. Then Campion is suddenly called away for a long journey with a new goal unrelated to Pontesbright. The others carry on the search for the truth without him.

This is a great Campion novel. I enjoy the picture Allingham paints of him – somewhat vacuous looking until one looks more closely. Underneath the bland expressions is a sharp man who is just right for this sort of mysterious search. This novel shows him at some of his best. This falls into a cozy mystery category, but the tenseness is there. If you have read any Campion novels, much of it is predictable. That does not make it less fun or exciting. This is another to enjoy.

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