The Face of a Stranger by Anne Perry


Historical Mystery

The Face of a Stranger (William Monk Novels) The Face of a StrangerAnne Perry; Fawcett 1991WorldCatWilliam Monk wakes up in a hospital in Victorian England. He has nurses fluttering all over him and policemen visiting him. Is he a crook? What happened to him? He has amnesia and cannot remember anything from before he wakes up in the hospital.

Monk discovers he is a detective. Without revealing his memory loss, he learns his name and where he lives. He returns to his apartment and tries to determine more about himself. He visits his sister out in the country. The more he finds out, the more he does not like himself.

His money is running short and he has to return to work. His boss dumps a touchy case into Monk’s lap. Runcorn does not like Monk and hopes this is the case that will get Monk removed from the force. The youngest son of a titled family was beaten to death. It has been six weeks since the murder and no one has any leads.

Monk goes over all the information that was collected. He starts investigating the Shelbourne family using as much delicacy as possible. He is sure the murderer was someone who knew the victim.

Hester Latterly was a nurse on the line in the Crimean war working with Florence Nightingale. She returns home when her father and mother both die with a few weeks of each other. She also has relationship with the Shelbourne family. She gets drawn into the investigation.

I’m glad I took the recommendation to read this book. It’s a good mystery, and leaves you dangling until the end.

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