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The Ever-Running Man (Sharon McCone Mysteries) The Ever-Running ManMarcia Muller; Warner Books 2007WorldCatThe high security Renshaw & Kessell International has had a serial bomber attack their offices in disparate cities across the United States and Mexico. The first bombings only affected property, but soon people were being killed as well. Hy Ripinsky, the third partner in the firm, takes the case to his wife, Sharon McCone, a private investigator in San Francisco who has done previous work for RKI. Her other work for them had been on the behalf of customers but this time it was for them. She agrees to take the case although she knows that one things she has to do is investigate the partners in RKI, including her own husband. Hy has admitted his past isn’t pristine but there could be more she doesn’t want to know.

RKI’s dealings with their customers isn’t always above the law. Sharon knows that their business is very private and high tech. But when the San Francisco RKI building explodes right after she has exited it, she is fully involved. She sets her employees into the tasks of background checks of George Renshae, Dan Kessell, and her own husband. She follows where their information leads. It leads her to hidden secrets that the partners have kept from each other over the years as well as more information than she wants of their earlier company in Southeast Asia. Which partner is the magnet for the serial bomber? And why?

The Ever-Running Man in the 26th novel in the Sharon McCone detective series – and the first one I have read. This novel stands nicely on its own. I certainly would have benefited from knowing what has happened in earlier novels for the personal references to Sharon’s life – her brother Joey, her relationship with Hy, her ex-brother-in-law, etc. But those pieces don’t affect the mystery presented in this good novel.

Marcia Muller has skillfully crafted a story line using known characters and presenting more of their history. I’m certain George Renshaw and Dan Kessell have had shadowy backgrounds that Sharon has learned. Now those backgrounds become the focus of this detective novel. The Ever-Running Man is a well-written mystery that shouldn’t be missed by the mystery reader.

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