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The Eternity Code by Eoin ColferArtemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeEoin Colfer; Hyperion Book CH 2009WorldCatBefore Artemis Fowl agrees to his father’s request to join him in going straight, Artemis has one last deal he wants to make. He as a device he calls the C-Cube. He approaches one of the most cunning, most evil, wealthiest businessmen in the world, Jon Spiro. The C-Cube can hack any computer system, track any satellite, follow any code, Artemis offers to keep the C-Cube off the market. While showing it off, Artemis accidentally pulls the signal from the LEP network. The secret of his C-Cube is stolen fairy technology.

Spiro has earned his reputation. He has set the 13-year-old genius up. By the end of their meeting, Spiro has stolen the C-Cube and Artemis’ bodyguard Butler is shot and killed. It takes all of Artemis’ wits and a lot of fairy magic to fix this problem.

Artemis Fowl isn’t as deceitful in The Eternity Code has he was in the first book in his series. Then, when Butler is shot, his world almost falls apart. But he has to get that C-Cube back. So despite his softening, he is able to put all his genius to work working with Holly Short and the Fairy Patrol. He also has to get Spiro’s bodyguard, the man who shot Butler.

Eoin Colfer has a lot of fun with Artemis and is able to pass that fun on to his reader. The Eternity Code has a lot of twists that are unbelievable. Colfer makes them believable and pulls the reader right along. Any kid reading this book will want to identify with Artemis – a crime genius who is still a kid. And this kid outwits the evil adults around him. Colfer throws in a hook at the end as well. Anybody following Artemis has to read beyond The Eternity Code – you’ll want to know what happens next.

Notice:  Non-graphic violence

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