The Endless Knot by Stephen R. Lawhead


Endless Knot (Song of Albion trilogy, Book 3) Endless KnotStephen R. Lawhead; Lion 2002WorldCatLlew is the Silver Hand and High King of Albion. The war for Albion is over. Now it is time to rebuild a land devestated by a cruel ruler. Llew knows the best thing he can do is return to his own world. But not yet…

His beloved Goewyn marries him. The land is recuperating. The people of Albion need a leader they can trust. Llew has earned their trust, their respect and their love. There are still some remnants of Meldron’s followers in the land. When one of them tries to burn down Dinas Dwr and steal the singing stones of Albion, Llew banishes him to Tir Aflan, the Foul Land outside of Albion.

When Goewyn is kidnapped, Llew has to travel to Tir Aflan to get her back. Llew is warned by his trusted friend and bard to stay in Albion. But Llew can’t. He has to go to Tir Aflan and face the Brazen Man. The further he goes into the Foul Land, the more he sees the merging of his old world and Albion, to both worlds’ detriment.

The Endless Knot is a powerful finale to the Song of Albion trilogy. The first part of the book takes place during rebuilding. After Goewyn’s kidnapping, the book’s tone changes. Once again good and evil are in direct confrontation. The evil in Tir Aflan is palpable. Llew’s life takes another major shift at the end of the book, showing the true endless knot.

The end of the book is unsettling – and is meant to be. The Endless Knot is not as violent as The Silver Hand. It is still violent, though. Lawhead draws a vivid picture of good versus evil. The characters are riveting. The book kept yanking my emotions. Although this can be read as a stand alone book, I suggest reading the first two novels in the series first.

Notice: Graphic violence

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