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The destruction of the books The Destruction of the BooksMel Odom; Tor 2004WorldCat

Juhg the Dweller has left the Vault of All Knowledge to go back into the world. He had been rescued by Grandmagister Lamplighter from slavery in the goblin mines decades earlier. He has enoyed his work at The Library but never felt like it was his home. Now he is sailing the Blood-Soaked Sea on the Windchaser with sailors sworn to keep the secret of Greydawn Moors and The Library. While in port of Kelloch’s Harbor Juhg and his friend Raisho, a human sailor, hear the rumor of a book in a goblin ship. There are few known books outside of The Library. Goblins have never been known to have books because they can’t read. So they have to get that books.

A large battle, many dead goblins, one dead wizard, and 17 dead sailors from the Windchaser later, the ship limps back to Greydawn Moors with a book Juhg can’t read despite his proficiency with rare languages. He takes the book to the Grandmagister and the wizard Craugh. No one expects the trouble that comes with the book – peril even to the hidden island and the Vault of All Knowledge.

In this sequel to The Rover, The Destruction of the Books has to appeal to any reader. The Vault of All Knowledge has the learning and information that was saved from the world’s Calamity. The rest of the world has slipped back into dark ages that lives from day to day, forgetting history, and watching as the goblins take over more and more. Of course the similarities to Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings is obvious, yet The Rover, The Destruction of the Books, and Lord of the Libraries is a different saga with a different world. I enjoyed the book and look forward to reading the last of the trilogy. This is a fun fantasy saga.

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