The Dead Hollywood Moms Society by Lindsay Maracotta


Cozy Mystery

The Dead Hollywood Moms Society The Dead Hollywood Moms SocietyLindsay Maracotta; Morrow 1996WorldCatLucy Freers is an animation filmmaker who lives in Hollywood with her producer husband. Although she has received an Oscar nomination for her work and he has made some moneymaking movies, they are currently on the B or C list around Hollywood. But they know people on the A list, including their neighbors Julia and Woody Prentiss. They have a problem when Lucy discovers Julia’s naked body the Freers’ swimming pool.

Lucy’s marriage is in a bad spot. Kit gets an offer and leaves for Washington state to film a movie. Their daughter is in Atlanta visiting grandparents. Lucy decides to see if she can killed Julia to remove all suspicion from herself and Kit. She starts asking questions. And starts getting tailed. And attends a big Hollywood charity gala. And gets shot at. And…

This is a wonderfully humerus, tongue-in-cheek novel. Maracotta knows the Hollywood film and television society. She writes about the great public appearance of the great and not so great, then the real people that Lucy sees taking their children to the school. The phase in Tinsel Town when this was written is family value oriented. The Prentiss family adorns the cover of People magazine as they show off their adopted daughter. When the public is not watching, the nanny has complete charge of the small girl. Lucy sees all this and relates it in this novel in a first person voice.

Marcotta deals with the dark side of Hollywood. She deals with the problems of marriage and celibacy. She describes the glamor and glitz and sham. We get to laugh at the stars and ourselves. Plus the mystery has its twists and turns to keep the reader guessing.

Notice: Strong sexual content

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