The Dead Celeb by Lindsay Maracotta


Cozy Mystery

The Dead Celeb (Lucy Freers Mysteries) The Dead CelebLindsay Maracotta; Avon Books 1998WorldCatThe Hollywood Mogul Virus has struck Kit Freers. Lucy, his wife, is not sure how to best cope with this disease. She has seen it strike people in Hollywood before. She hopes to bring Kit back to the family without losing his producer’s skill. She visits him on his shoot in New Mexico. He is instead all tied up trying to deal with an annoying, arrogant Director, Jeremy Lord. Then Lord dies from a heart attack.

Lucy returns to Hollywood. She is approached by the woman who was with Lord when he died. She feels her life is also in danger. Lucy listens but has no help. Then the girl goes into a coma. Lucy is sure they are related and suspects foul play. She takes her case to the police, including the officer she met before when she was involved with murder (The Dead Hollywood Moms Society), Detective Teresa Shoe. But she only has suppositions.

Meanwhile, she is trying to deal with the addition being added to her house (the Virus strikes again), wanting to have a baby, a daughter in a high powered prep school, and submitting ideas for the animated segments of an upcoming movie. Plus she still has a hedgehog story on magnetism that is almost at deadline.

Is there foul play? Or are the death and the coma coincidences? Can Lucy survive the construction at her home? Can she convince Detective Shoe to investigate further? Can the Freers family keep up in the frenzy that is Hollywood?

This novel is a fun tongue-in-cheek look at the Hollywood lifestyle. It is also an enjoyable cozy murder mystery. Lucy tells the story in first person narrative, so we get the explanations from an insider of the society. It is cute and a light read. I recommend this book.

This book is out of print. I found it at a used book store shortly after I read the first one.

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