The Daughters of Cain by Colin Dexter


MysteryThe Daughters of Cain by Colin Dexter

The Daughters of CainColin Dexter; Ivy Books 1996WorldCat

The retired don of Wolsey college is found murdered. Someone had stabbed him with a large knife. Chief Inspector Morse is given the case when the first policeman given it could not follow up due to his gravely ill wife. Morse reluctantly takes on the investigation. Once he and Inspector Lewis start delving, Morse is certain he knows who committed the murder. Now he has to be able to prove it. Since the likely suspect, Edward Brooks, was admitted to a local hospital with a heart attack that day, it is difficult to place him at the scene of the crime at the correct time.

The teacher at a the local high school, 5th level, is also involved in this story. Her friend and cleaning woman is married to the man Morse suspects. A local higher paid hooker is also involved. She knows the professor who was killed, knows the probable murdered, and attracts about every other man who crosses her path, including Inspector Morse.

Morse is certain that Mrs. Brooks is covering for her husband the day of the murder. But she stands by her story. It is evident that she has been abused by Brooks in the past and is probably under duress now as well. Then Brooks disappears while Mrs. Brooks is out of town for the night. Morse is certain that Edward Brooks is also now dead. Without a body, though, that is hard to prove.

Morse is again on top of things throughout this novel. He is drinking as much as usual, smoking as much as usual, and being rude to Lewis as much as usual. He is getting ill, though. Dexter keeps Morse very human, and the reader knows that if Morse was not a policeman, he would be a criminal instead.

Morse and the reader stay abreast of the facts and supposition in this story, so there are few surprises but few early give-aways, either. It is a well designed story. Before we are finished, most of the disparate ends tie together quite satisfactorily.

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