The Darkest Road by Guy Gavriel Kay


The darkest road FantasyThe Darkest RoadGuy Gavriel Kay; ROC 2001WorldCat

David (Davor), Paul (Pwyll), Kim (The Seer), and Jennifer (Guinevere) are still in Fionavar. Kevin is gone. Yet even with their friend’s absence, they need to fight on with the powers of Light against Rakoth Maugrim and his powers of Darkness.They have each come into the power bestowed on them in Fionavar.

David is with the wandering tribes of warriors, preparing for the final battle for the kingdom. Paul is on a ship with the King’s brother Diarmuid, Loren Silvercloak, and Matt Sorenson on a quest to destroy the cauldron that released the evil of Rakoth Maugrim upon Fionavar once again. Jennifer has withdrawn to a secluded castle to allow her mystical son, Darin, find his own path, and to await Arther’s return. Kim is in the hands of bandits in the woods, captured as she was trying to get to the land of the peaceful giants.

The Threads of this story (pun intended) have to finish up and weave together. Fionavar is the First Land. The ancient gods still intervene with humans. Magic abounds. Good versus evil is overwhelming in these days. The book, the third in the series, starts on the brink of the final war. Each of the humans still has a major role to play before the final thread is woven into place.

It had been 4 years since I read The Wandering Fire because (as I say on my front page) there are so many books and never enough time. I just didn’t get back to finish this trilogy until now. What a mistake! Again, as with the second book, Kay gives the reader a synopsis of what happens in the first two novels. I remembered parts, others I had forgotten until I read that or got further into the novel. The Darkest Road finishes and fulfills the marvelous series.

This book is excellent. Kay’s world of Fionavar is well drawn. The characters are human, believable. By the time I was three fourths through the book tears were rolling down my face. After I finished the book, I picked it up again a half hour later or so and re-read the final chapters to make sure I had tied up all the ends and hadn’t missed anything. The poignancy of the ending left my emotions twisted. This is a fantasy series not to be missed.

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