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FantasyThe Dark Tower by Stephen KingDark Tower VII

Roland is certain he and his ka-tet are close to the Dark Tower. First he, Eddie, Jake, Oy, and Susannah must escape New York and Maine and find each other in a land called Fedic. From there they still have two Beams that support to Dark Tower to protect. Once those are stable, they can seek their final goal of the Tower.

Susannah splits from Mia who dies when her baby is born. The baby, Mordred, is a changeling with an intense hatred for Roland, his “white father” and longing for the mad Crimson King, his “red father”. He quickly grows strong enough to be able to follow the ka-tet to Fedic, keeping hidden behind them. Even so, both Roland and Susannah can sense he is lurking out there.

The Dark Tower is the final novel in Stephen King’s epic series (although he added one this year which takes place earlier in the quest). It is easily two to three books in one and is continuous action. By the time Roland reaches the fields near the Tower, the events at the beginning of the book at the Dixie Pig are faint memories. Old friends are lost; new friends are met. The Dark Tower is full of sorrow and joy, tragedy and comedy, and endings for the readers to use their imagination or for those who need something more concrete.

The bonds between King’s characters are deeply felt. In the first book Roland was a loner chasing the Man in Black. He meets and loses Jake during the pursuit. Now he has pulled his ka-tet close as well as making other friends like Father Callahan and the folk from the Calla.

There are times when The Dark Tower is wordy – King just needs to get on with it. King pulls himself into the story again – hubris or sensible story telling? The book is bloody – that’s King’s sense of horror overshadowing his sense of fantasy. The series is dark overall with enough lightness and eventual love that the darkness doesn’t overwhelm the reader. It’s a very satisfying conclusion to the series – leaving the reader ready to return to The Gunslinger and read it again.

While this fantasy doesn’t have wizards or sorcery, The Dark Tower is full of alternate realities, time travel, magic, shadows, and wonder.

Notice: Graphic violence, Strong language

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