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The dark tower, and other stories The Dark Tower, and Other StoriesC. S. Lewis; Harcourt Brace Jovanovich 1977WorldCatThis is a collection of short stories and unfinished novels/stories that were not published until after Lewis’ death. There is some question as to whether Lewis actually wrote all of them. In my opinion, he wrote them, but they are still early drafts, not his edited, complete work. That makes them, especially the unfinished “The Dark Tower” rougher, still needing work.

I especially liked the ending of “The Form of Things Unkown”. The overall story needs some tightening up, but the twist ending is wonderful. It took me a moment to realize what was happening, then I laughed. “The Dark Tower” has potential, but Lewis could not finish it, so obviously he could not get it the way he wanted it.

This is not first class Lewis, but is still worth reading at least part of the stories. “The Dark Tower” is the longest, and gets interesting at times, but can be skipped. Definitely read the completed short stories. The last, again unfinished story, “After 10 Years” has an interesting premise, yet can easily be skipped.

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