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The Colour of Magic by Terry PratchettThe Colour of MagicTerry Pratchett; Corgi 1985WorldCatThe Colour of Magic is Terry Pratchett’s novel that introduces fantasy readers to Discworld, the planet that is flat and travels through the universe on the back of four elephants on the back of a turtle. It is populated with many different types of people, including mages, water people, thieves, assassins, merchants, wizards, and even the occasional tourist. Very little is predictable on Discworld.

Rincewind is a wizard who was expelled from magic school. He only has one spell, and he is not allowed to utter it. So he does what he can to survive. Then he meets Twoflower, the tourist who owns some walking luggage. Twoflower seems to attract trouble wherever he goes. Rincewind finds himself acting as companion and guide for Twoflower.

Twoflower does not seem to have much sense. In the worst part of one of the evilest cities on Discworld he spreads around solid gold pieces like they are nothing. He is excited to see a barroom brawl, ignoring the fact he is the cause of it. He travels around, his luggage following him, to see what new sight he can discover.

Discworld is a wonderful, humorous fantasy land. Terry Pratchett makes the impossible believable. Rincewind and Twoflower make an intriguing pair. The Colour of Magic is a delightful introduction to the land of Discworld.

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