The Clockwork Wolf by Lynn Viehl


Paranormal RomanceParanormal RomanceParanormal MysteryThe Clockwork Wolf by Lynn ViehlCharmian “Kit” Kittredge has an unusual occupation for a woman in her time. Women in Toriana (Steampunk version of America) are expected to stay and care for the home and have babies. Kit is a private investigator. Her secret is that when she touches something magical, it loses all its magic. Recently she was instrumental in saving the city of Rumson, then had to travel back in time to prevent some of the worst results of the magical war.

Kit could turn her back on Lady Eugenia Bestly when the wealthy woman wants to hire her. It was Lady Bestly’s fault she was thrown out on the streets years earlier. But the woman is now a widow from the war that wasn’t. Lady Bestly is about to lose her high society reputation from her husband’s acts before his death. As much as she dislikes her, Kit will try to prevent the lady’s descent from society that could easily lead to her to a destitute state and suicide.

Lord Bestly had turned into a wolf and killed people before his death. That information had been hidden away but someone has found out and will publish the news. Kit discovers there are more of these wolves. These werewolves are infused with metal bones and organs, making it almost impossible to kill them. They are attacking women throughout Rumson.

Lord Lucien Dredmore, the deathmage, refuses to leave Kit alone. He wants to protect her and knows she is hiding secrets about the two of them. Her friend, Chief Inspector Thomas Doyle, also shows up at her doorstep. He has learned someone sent a bomb to her. Now she is investigating the strange wolf creatures who appear at night. He wants her help on the case, but also wants to protect her from danger. Kit is drawn to both men, but doesn’t want to give up her independence.

Lynn Viehl takes steampunk to the San Francisco (Rumson) region. Viehl uses magic and mechanics to give The Clockwork Wolf its background and major story line. Viehl’s imagination creates a fun world full of romance, mystery, and mechanical (sort of) werewolves.

The Clockwork Wolf is a charming, average romp. Viehl includes steamy romance scenes and unusual creatures to bring the book to life. This is the sequel to Disenchanted & Co., but stands on its own as well.

In the mood for a supernatural, romantic bit of escape? enjoy The Clockwork Wolf.

Notice: Explicit sexual content, Fantasy violence

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