The Cleveland Local by Les Roberts



The Cleveland Local The Cleveland LocalLes Roberts; St. Martin’s Dead Letter 1998WorldCatPatrice Kerner wants to know who killed her brother when he was on vacation on a Caribbean Island. She approaches Milan Jacovich to investigate the death. Her parents want the whole incident closed. She feels she needs knowledge before she can have closure.

Milan starts his investigation in Cleveland, Ohio, where the Kerners and he live. He talks with the elder Kerners and is brusquely turned away. He talks to the other people who had been on the tour. He talks with the travel agency, again receiving an unfavorable reaction. After a visit to San Carlos where the death occurred, Milan is more convinced than ever that the connections are back in Cleveland that explain the death.

Something has happened within the last two years to the Kerner family. Kerner Sr. is locally renown for his attorney work for the unions in the area. Kerner Jr. had broken many relations with his father. He was a personal injury attorney in his practice. He became rougher, more protective of himself. Yet he was troubled as well.

Roberts combines the tough guy Jacovich and the locale of Cleveland to set off another entertaining mystery. Jacovich’s soft side is there with his family and friends; his gruffness shows as he deals with the people who may know more about the murder. He is not afraid to fight when needed. He pokes his nose into the places others would prefer he ignore. He cons his friends for favors to help the investigation. He returns those favors. I thought this was a super book. Without spoiling anything, I am very angry with the author for the ending. I am too involved with the characters and I was caught out at the twist he adds.

Notice: Non-graphic violence, Strong indecent language

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