The Cat Who Sang for the Birds by Lilian Jackson Braun


Cozy Mystery

The cat who sang for the birds The Cat Who Sang for the BirdsLilian Jackson Braun; Jove Books 1999WorldCatMoose County’s new Art Center is opening. It is near Jim Qwilleran’s home and is across the street from a nonagenarian and her farm. The art center patrons do not appreciate the farm; she elderly woman does not appreciate the art center. But the art center is helping new, local artists get started.

The adults are having a spelling bee to help support illiteracy for Moose County. Hixie is having trouble getting participants, so she comes to Qwill for help. Polly is having her portrait painted at Qwill’s request. The library is having trouble getting the local residents, patrons, and volunteers to accept the new computer cataloging system. In other words, life goes on as usual in Moose County.

Then Qwill’s mustache starts quivering and Koko has his eye on the same few books. Something is rotten in Moose County. There are some unusual land deals being made. Something is going on with the local barbecue restaurant. Is there something wrong? Or is Jim’s imagination going into overdrive?

If you have not read any of these mysteries, you’ll enjoy this. The whole series is comfortable, cozy and enjoyable. Admittedly the earlier books concentrated more on the mystery. There is still mystery, but the later books concentrate more on the people of Moose County and the cats, Koko and Yum Yum. This book fits in well.

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