The Cat Who Knew a Cardinal by Lilian Jackson Braun


Cozy Mystery

The cat who knew a cardinal The Cat Who Knew a CardinalLilian Jackson Braun.; Jove Books 1992WorldCatOnce again Qwilleran, Koko, and YumYum find themselves in the middle of a murder. Qwilleran hosts an impromptu late night party at his new residence. After the final guest leaves, he notices a car still parked outside. When he investigates, his last guest has been shot dead in the car.

Koko starts pulling typeset blocks from Qwill’s collection. Are they a clue, or is he hungry? Qwill says he is not going to get involved in solving the murder, but it intrigues him. Which of the people at his party could have been the murderer, if any of them?

I always enjoy the Cat Who books. This one was fun, although not one of her best ones. The chief attraction for me was Qwill trying to figure out who the dead man really was. The dead man was disliked by most of the townspeople. As Qwill tries to discover who would kill him, he discovers the man was not all he claimed.

This is an easy read. If you follow Qwilleran and the cats through the different stages of their lives, you’ll be pleased with this one as well.

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