The Case of the Late Pig by Margery Allingham


MysteryThe Case of the Late Pig by Margery Allingham

Case of the Late PigMargery Allingham; Avon Books (Mm) 1989WorldCatAlbert Campion attends the funeral of an old school mate, Pig Peters. Six months later he is invited to investigate an impossible murder. A man was killed by a falling stone urn, but no one was near the window to push it out. The victim appears to be the same man whose funeral he attended the previous winter. Campion has to figure who is the murderer and who is the victim. If the body is that of Pig’s, who was buried earlier?

Now Campion is investigating the men at the club where the body is found, the nearby quiet English countryside, and the small village where the club is located. The man who was killed was rude, a bully, and welshing on his bills. When some of the people from the first funeral show up in the village, Campion is more suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the whole story. He and Lug investigate a number of possible suspects.

Campion is not as vague appearing in this novel as he appears in other books. The mystery is well crafted. Allingham slyly puts out the clues for the reader. Yet the writing is not riveting. I enjoyed it, but it was easy to put it down and walk away. Don’t worry, any mystery reader will be pleased with the novel.

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