The Callahan Touch by Spider Robinson


Science FictionThe Callahan Touch by Spider Robinson

The Callahan TouchSpider Robinson; ACE Books 1995WorldCatMike Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon may be gone, but is not forgotten. The regulars collected money and gave it to Jake Stonebender to set up another bar. He named it Mary’s Place after Mike’s daughter. Jake has put a lot of work in to Mary’s Place to make it similar to the Crosstime Saloon, yet its own unique place. Now it is time to open.

Let the party begin! The group from Callahan’s has returned. Doc Webster is there, Long Drink McGonigle, Ralph von Wau Wau, Fast Eddie, the Cheerful Charlies, and many others have returned. But even the first night, when only those who were there when Callahan’s closed were invited, new people start joining the group.

Old regulars, new people, old stories, new stories, old mixed drinks, new brewed drinks, old music, new music…It’s here. It’s fun. Mary’s Place is a worthy successor of Callahan’s. Yet by the time the first week is over, one new being comes into the bar, one they are not sure they can accept after all.

Robinson has a wonderful setting here in The Callahan Touch, refreshing the saloon in the rebuilding of Mary’s Place. I’d still like to find the real Mary’s Place (or Callahan’s Place, or whatever they call it now). If you haven’t read the Callahan Crosstime Saloon stories, you’ll want to. Start with The Callahan Chronicals.

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