The Callahan Chronicals by Spider Robinson


Science Fiction

The Callahan chronicals The Callahan ChronicalsSpider Robinson; TOR 1997WorldCatWhere is Callahan’s? It’s a place I gotta visit. You can share your troubles or ignore them there. And I like the tradition of throwing your empty glasses at the fireplace.

The Callahan Chronicals is a collection of books with short stories that build on each other. They take place in a tavern somwhere near New York City in Suffolk County and is owned by Mike Callahan. The first book is Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, the second are the Callahan stories from Time Travellers Strictly Cash, and the last book is Callahan’s Secret.

This is humorous reading. Jake Stonebender, the narrator of all the stories, will tell you that anything at Callahan’s, and often does. Callahan’s has aliens, time travelers, telepaths, and talking dogs, among their patrons. They have Punday Night when there are themed puns flying around the room until one person remains still punning. They have Riddle Night and Tall Tales Night (which usually end with a bad pun as well). There are funny problems in some stories, but often there are deeper problems shared, like the time traveller who missed ten years. My brother-in-law says he can only take a story or two of Callahan’s Saloon at a time. I personally am ready now to find Spider Robinson’s sequel, Callahan’s LegacyThe Callahan Chronicals  should be part of every science fiction fan’s library.

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